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Classes for 2024-25

First day of school: Monday, September 9, 2024

Last day of school: Wednesday, May 14, 2025

2-year old's 

Tuition $2300

2-day AM Thurs & Fri 8:45–11:30am 

Must be two by 8/31/2024

3-year old's

Tuition $2475 

3-day AM Mon – Wed 8:45–11:30am

Child must be at least 3 years old by  9/30/24

3-year old Music Enrichment

Tuition $910

Thursdays 8:45-11:30am

Child must be enrolled in our three year old class to enroll


Pre-K 4 & 5-year old's

Tuition $2900

5-day AM Mon – Fri 8:45–11:30am

Child must be four by 9/30/2024

2-day afternoon enrichment (Maximum 16 children)

Tuition $2240 

Tuesday & Thursday 11:30am-3:00pm

Child must be enrolled in one of the Pre K classes to enroll

Classroom Ratios

The following adult/child ratio and maximum group size shall be maintained:

AGE                      ADULT/CHILD RATIO       

2-year old class                        1:6                  

3-year old class                        1:9           

PK 2 class                                 1:12               

PK 1 class                                  1:14    

Afternoon Enrichment              1:12           

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