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Your child’s time is valuable!


No one knows how marvelous your child is as well as you. Each moment can be filled with new achievements. Redeemer Preschool will provide your child with a safe, caring environment filled with learning and fun opportunities.


Attention to each child’s needs and potential is part of the Redeemer Preschool success recipe. Just ask our grads! Or, better yet, ask their parents and grade school teachers.


These goals are achieved through a developmental approach to learning and based on early childhood development, to foster your child’s curiosity about the world around him/her. Each classroom offers your child an opportunity to experience all areas of development, including dramatic play, nature, music, and age-appropriate cognitive skills.



  • January 4 Current Families at Drop-off

  • January 9 Parishioners and RPS alum in-person starting at 8am

  • January 12 New Families in-person starting at 8am


"A place where children come first"

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